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The brief transit and violent eclipse of Harry Crosby

December 10th, 1929
A New York Studio Apartment at the Hotel des Artistes.  A beautiful young man apparently shoots and kills his 22 year old lover. He calmly leaves her, takes the elevator to the lobby and has cocktails at the bar.  Staff witness him wandering around. He is also seen in the Foyer at The Plaza but he does not speak to anyone.  Two hours later he returns to the apartment upstairs, lies next to the dead girl and covers them both tenderly with a golden coverlet. He shoots himself in the right temple with the same custom made silver Belgian hand gun that killed the girl. Engraved on the side of the barrel is the symbol of a Black Sun.  They are discovered hours later fully dressed apart from having removed their shoes. The man has cryptic tattoos on the soles of his feet.

Police and his friends are baffled. New York, Boston, London and Paris Society are outraged. The man was one of their own, one of their finest.  What happened that fateful afternoon? In the two hours that passed between the deaths of these two beautiful victims, who were commemorated in E.E Cummings poem ‘Two Boston Dolls’, we tell the colourful story of the exceptionally charismatic poet Harry Crosby, the unique influence he had on the Lost Generation of Writers in the Golden Age of Paris in the 1920’s and solve the riddle of his final day.

” We created a gossamer bridge between the wars,  it was as beautiful as it was fragile.”     

Caresse Crosby

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